… This is the kind of game for players looking for a challenge and are not afraid to explore the internet to find clues. Get your search engine ready and don’t be afraid to dig in!ESCAPETHEROOMERS (Jillian Raymond)
A delightful set of cards with a good variety of puzzles. I love that you can pass them on to a friend afterwards, and that it’s such a compact game you can even puzzle on the go!Rita R. (Creator Postcurious)
The Cards of Confound combines many of my favourite things in the world – puzzling, self-publishing, snail mail and lovely artwork. To have such clever ideas executed so succinctly, with an entire micro adventure printed on each card, is no small feat. There are designs here that span an impressive range of themes and aesthetics, perfect for almost any loved one whose brain you’d like to tease. Not only this but you get the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting an independent creator when you buy a set so don’t sleep on it!Jack F. (Creator Cryptogram Puzzle Post)
The Cards of Confound are a very good addition to my At Home Mystery collection, as it is an easy to carry mystery I can puzzle virtually anywhere. There were several unexpected uses of some familiar codes which really pleasantly surprised me. I had a fun time solving this at home mystery.Jachin L. (Creator Modern Treasure Hunt NL)
First of all, the Cards have beautiful well-thought-out designs. The compositions, colours and the way all the components match together is just amazing to see. Secondly, the puzzles are so fun. You don’t get any clues, which makes it even more exciting to solve them!Emma D. (Graphic Designer)
The Cards of Confound are intriguing, and lovely to look at. Really glad to see such a beautiful new home mystery from the Netherlands!Ruud K. (Creator Puzzelpost)
The Cards of Confound are original in a challenging way, and will definitely please all lovers of puzzles. They will enjoy exploring these cards and discovering the secrets within.Rolf F. (Part-time puzzles freak)
Check out the podcast of The Puzzling Company we just starred in! Had a lot of fun with Jared and Zach 🙂

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