Hint 08

Now for the final step, the order of the symbols. Essentially, every set of symbols translates into a star. The site is called sky map for a reason. Don’t forget that the solution word has five letters!

Solution of this Step
The solution word has five letters, and there are five series of codes (as the green vertical line separates the top row of symbols). Therefore every row of ‘stars’ should form one letter. Remember the previous hint? Connect the stars that every symbol has dotted, and each of the series of stars/constellations will create the shape of a letter, and the five sets/letters together form the solution word. For example, the bottom row of stars (Sun/Virgo1 – Hydra1 – Pollux/Gemini1 – Bootes2 – Draco1 – Capella/Auriga1) forms the letter S. If you follow this method through, you should get the letters S, H, I, N and E moving counterclockwise. The solution of this card is therefore ‘SHINE’.

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