Hint 06

Yes, the symbols are the same as constellations on the sky map. But we haven’t solved the dots yet. Sometimes green, sometimes grey, they seem to be indicating a point.

Solution of this Step
The dots indicate a specific star. The colour of the dot is based on the colour of the name of the star, if its name is written in green on the sky-map website, the dot on symbol of the Card becomes green too. For example, the very first symbol points at the Sun, of the constellation Virgo. You should find the following sequences of constellations – the specific stars are not always named, so to avoid further confusion I’ll leave those out here, but to make it a bit clearer I added a number that specifies how far it is removed from a main bright star: 1. Sun/Virgo1 – Hydra1 – Pollux/Gemini1 – Bootes2 – Draco1 – Capella/Auriga1 | 2. Arcturus/Bootes1 – Vega/Lyra1 – Hercules2 – Draco6 – Cepheus2 – Leo Minor1 | 3. Leo2 – Polaris/Ursa Minor1 | 4. Corvus1 – Hercules3 – Cancer1 – Cassiopeia1 | 5. Hydra1 – Virgo2 – Corona Borealis3 – Pollux/Gemini1 – Corona Borealis3 – Cygnus3 – Perseus4.

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