Step 1
All the shows displayed on the front of the card are Netflix Originals, thus explaining the title “Original” above the poem. Starting at the right top corner moving clockwise, the series are: The Dragon Prince, House of Cards, Black Mirror – Smithereens, The Umbrella Academy, The Crown, A Series of Unfortunate Events and Star Trek Discovery. Again, if you weren’t familiar with these series, this step wasn’t elementary to the puzzles of the Card. It will just give you a start in the right direction, as you will see more of Netflix later on.
Step 2
The Statue on the front is one of Julias Caesar. In his days, being a Roman Emperor, he used a famous cipher to encode messages that were of military importance. This cipher has gone into history as the Caesar Cipher, a famous code in which you shift the alphabet a certain number of spaces on towards the next letter (A = B, B = C, C=D, … with a rotation of 1). The number 09 indicates that you should perform a Caesar Cipher Rotation with a 09 degree shift.
Step 3
Move to the letters at the middle bar. The top shape points at the E, and the bottom one at the D. The shape itself indicates that you should ‘hop over’ the middle bar in a zigzag manner to read the text. Therefore, starting at the top with the letter D and moving downwards, we get the following output: EVKWCZO-TFUVJ.TFD. If we use a 9 degree Caesar Cipher rotation, we can translate this code into NETFLIX-CODES.COM. We have found a website!
Step 4
Move to the poem on the front of the card. Every line of the poem starts with a Netflix category of the site we just discovered (which contains an enormous list of Netflix categories). Russian, Art House, Classic Romantic, Classic Westerns and Kid’s Music are all categories on If you match the categories to the numbers (the category codes) listed on the site, you should get the codes 11567, 29764, 31273, 47465 and 52843 respectively.
Step 5
The first letters of the codes start with the numbers 1 through 5. On the front of the card there are five codes, each indicated with a number of 1 through 5. See the connection? You can link every code of to one of the weird sets of nine letters on the front of the Card (using the numbers 1-5). Because we’ve already used the first number of the code to make this connection, there remain four numbers that we can use. For example: for code #1 we find the letters “TCHQWOIAB” and the numbers 1567.
Step 6
Every number from the code-combinations indicates a letter in the connected code, based on their order. The number 1 indicates the 1st letter, the number 2 the 2nd, and so on. Therefore there are only nine letters in a bit of code, as there are no more than nine single-digit numbers (not counting zero). If you follow this through, you should find the following groups of letters: 1.TWOI 2.SCOM 3.PANY 4.THRE 5.EISA.
Step 7
“Two is company, three is a…” is what you find when you remove the blanks and capitals from the previously found letters. A quick Google (or dictionary) search should provide you with the proverb we are looking for: “Two is company, three is a crowd.” The one word that was left out, consisting of five letters, and the solution of this card, is therefore ”CROWD”.

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