Hint 05

What do we need to decipher some flag semaphore? In what manner could the purple fish give us guidance in this matter? Take another look at the recurring groups of fish on the front of the Card. Notice that all the purple fish swim in an almost exactly straight line on top of each other.

Solution of this Step
In the flag semaphore language, you use the body of the person that is holding the flags as an anchor point (pun intended). Based on the position of the flags compared to the person holding them, we decide what is up/down/middle. We do not have those persons on this card however, so we should be looking for another element for guidance/a reference point. The purple fish make for a good candidate, as they swim in a straight line. The clue we found in the previous step (that purple gives guidance) confirms this theory. You can use the purple fish as your human bodies in this use of the flag semaphore alphabet.

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