Hint 04

The page we found in the Step 1 is quite straightforward. Your task is to identify. Which flowers on this card could we possibly want to identify? Remember the nominibus1.

Solution of this Step
Move to the flower grid on the front of the card and look up the different flowers that you see. Some are a bit more difficult to find than others, especially the green upright one (top row, 2nd from the left) and the one with the white flowers (right bottom). For those you really need to use the ‘Cluster Type’ and ‘Leaf Shape’ categories, which can be quite difficult. It is not a shame if you weren’t able to find some of these, this card is the hardest one for a reason. The good answers are the following flowers (in order of appearance): Great Blanket Flower, Philadelphia Fleabane, Yellow Pond Lily, Skunk Cabbage, Orange Hawkweed, Bitter Dock, Basil Balm, Wild Ginger, Spiderwort, Cut Leaf Toothwort and Yucca. Now for the nominibus1. Take the first letter of the Latin names of all these flowers. Respectively, you should end up with G E N S H R M A T D Y. Putting these in the right order, as they appear on the card, you find the text ‘GENSHERMANSTARTATNAMEDAY’.

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