Hint 01

Start with the numbers on the back of the card. There are only so many methods to convert a series of numbers to letters. Every number should indicate one specific letter. Curious that none of the numbers is higher than 26. Don’t forget the symbols.

Note: If your card has the number ‘9’ printed as 2nd from the bottom, read ’19’. We mixed up different versions of this card a while ago, apologies for the inconvenience.

Solution of this Step
Use the alphabet to convert the numbers to letters. You should find ‘mywildflowerscomindentifyasp’. Don’t forget the symbols though. The dot are quite straightforward, but the line is a bit more difficult. It is a ‘slash’ symbol, as is common in URL’s. Combining all that, we find the link www.mywildflowers.com/identify.asp.

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