Hint 01

This extra clue has been added to the second addition of the Cards. If you’re playing the first edition (before March 2021), don’t feel ashamed if you needed this extra hint!

What does this sign tell us? Specifically, what is the order in which we should tackle the many clues on this Card?

Solution of this Step
Start with the ⓵. There are two quotes, the first one has something to do with the age of trees, the second one tells us to research some stuff. There are some bold letters as well. After you’ve solved all this you should move to the ⓶, pointing towards the “SPECIAL SITUATIONS….”. But, to do the first part (which has something to do with the age of some tree), we need to figure out which tree we’re talking about. We’re going to find a tree, do something with its age, research some stuff with all that information and afterwards move to the special situations statement. Tackle the Card in this order, and you’ll figure it out!

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