Step 1
Start with the rebus on the back of the card. You have to combine the GI from the memory stick with the ants that crawl over it. You get the word GIANTS. Adding this to the word cloud, you get the text ‘WOW! They Might Be Giants’. A quick google search should show that ‘They Might Be Giants’ is a band. That fits the front of the card nicely!
Step 2
The map is of a country, Turkey to be specific! The yellow circle highlights its capital. We also had to find a famous song of the band They Might Be Giants. Both paths should lead to the one and only final destination of this clue, Istanbul.
Step 3
A bit of research on the “sweetkulhet1” on musescore should lead you to the following page: Here you will find the song ‘Istanbul (Not Constantinople)’ transcribed into music sheets.
Step 4
Note that some staffs on the front that should start with the G- or treble clef now start with the F- or bass clef. This information will be important later on.
Step 5
See those weird symbols on the front of the card? If you hold of the card upside down, you should recognize the symbols as being question marks. That means you have to find the notes that have been removed on musescore. But, don’t forget the clefs when counting! If there is a bass clef printed, you can’t count the note as if there were a treble clef. You should end up with the following notes, from the top staff to the bottom staff: G – A – E – D – D.
Step 6
There is something else going on with the changed clefs of the staffs on the front. The two violins have the treble and bass clef printed on them as well. Therefore, there is a connection between the series of notes we found of the staffs and each violin. The treble violin gets the notes G, E and D, while the bass violin gets the notes A and D.
Step 7
You should match the notes for each violins to the letters that are printed beneath the strings of those notes. For example, the E on the bass violin would become the O, as the E is the 4th string. If you follow this through, ‘GED’ of the treble violin becomes ‘HLS’ and ‘AD’ of the bass violin becomes ‘IL’. Putting these letters in the original order of the staffs, we get the output ‘HILLS’, he solution of this card.

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