Hint 07

We have collected all the numbers, let the counting begin. Don’t forget to use the words that we encircled for you!

Solution of this Step
The encircled word directs you to a line of the poem ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’. The number that is being referred to next to the encircled word points you at the right letter from that line of the poem. ‘Bay 9’ gives you the M, and so on. If you work your way through all the numbers and words like this, you should find the following sequences per letter: A=ETO; B=YOU; C=MYS; D=AL; E=UT. Putting them in the correct order of CDEAB that gives us ‘MYSALUTETOYOU’, or in normal words ‘My salute to you’. The Final answer of the Final puzzle! Well done, and congratulations on finishing the Cards of Confound!

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