Hint 06

We now have found a poem, an order in which to read the letters at the front and we know we should count something. We only haven’t used the encircled words yet! They all have two things in common, can you find out what? It has something to do with that weird quote:

This extra clue has been added to the second addition of the Cards. If you’re playing the first edition (before March 2021), don’t feel ashamed if you needed this extra hint!

Solution of this Step
All the encircled words themselves can be found directly in the poem.

They have something else in common though. Like the quote says (in italics): everything around you is numbers. The words all have a reference to a number in their direct surroundings. Letter A has a French number before the word (solution is 4-1-9), letter B a proverb with a number around the word (solution is 20-3(note the return of the expression ‘Two is company, three is a crowd’ from the Show Card)-22), letter C mentions a number directly after the word (solution is 9-4-3), letter D incorporates a number in the word next to the word (solution is 1-6) and letter E places an anagram of a number after the word (solution is 3-1).

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