Step 1
Look at the left side of the front of the card at an angle, and you should see the word ‘MORSE’ written by the lines of light. Apparently we are dealing with morse code.
Step 2
In order to decipher morse code, you need to know the number of symbols that are used per letter of the final outcome (the intervals) and you need to know the meaning of each symbol. Which one means dash and which one means dot?
Step 3
Only in the labyrinth on the back side we can find the same symbols, therefore this must have something to do with their meaning. Starting at the arrow, the only way to the ❈ is a straight horizontal line. It means dash. The only way to ∰ is through a circle. It means dot.
Step 4
Now we should look for the intervals. The letters on the middle of the back of the card have a lot of repetition in them. The word ‘space’ is printed several times. That means you should read B D E A C F. The solution word also consists of six letters, so these letters must indicate the number of symbols used per letter of the final solution!
Step 5
The next step is to connect the letters we found to numbers. Note the weird phrasing of ‘Only The Light Counts’ on the back of the card. Apparently candles are supposed to give us numbers. On the front of the card, in every room a certain amount of candles is placed. They do rather stand out against the rest of the card, as they are emphasised heavily. Every room also has a letter, from the same list we found before. As the candles are supposed to give us numbers, maybe we should count them? For example, room D has three candles and therefore gets the number 3. Following this line of thought, we can translate B-D-E-A-C-F to 4-3-1-1-4-1.
Step 6
We now know that ∰ means dot and ❈ means dash. We also know the number of symbols used per letter is 4-3-1-1-4-1. This provides us with the following morse code: -∙∙∙ ∙-∙ ∙ ∙ –∙∙ ∙. Using the morse alphabet, we find the solution ‘BREEZE’. That much is *answer example puzzle*

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