Solution mini-puzzle

Did you work it out? The projected way of solving this example puzzle is through the following thinking steps:

  1. Notice the colour scheme of the card. There are four different colours used.
  2. Two elements have the same colour: the circles around the phone number and the subtitle ‘Mysterious Company’.
  3. Apparently there is a link between the numbers that have a circle around them and the mentioned phone number.
  4. How can we link the numbers ‘253’ to a word?
  5. Maybe they point at certain letters in the word?
  6. You could take the 2th, 5th and 3rd letter.
  7. Starting at the beginning of the subtitle, that would lead to the Y for 2, the E for 5 and the S for 3.
  8. Putting them in the correct order – as they were in the phone number – that would lead to the word ‘YES‘. We solved it!

This is a single step in the process of solving a big puzzles, as they can be found on the Cards of Confound. It is meant to give you a feeling for the type of puzzles you will encounter!

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